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About Us…


A Property Owners Association


We are a property owners association managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. 


A History of Lake Wallenpaupack Estates


by David S. Kimmel (Board Member Emeritus)


In the summer of 1972 a developer known as Fast Eddy sold out all the 470 lots known as Lake Wallenpaupack Estates. It was understood that owners would have a Club House with pool, tennis court, boat docks, ski slope and recreational facilities.


Shortly thereafter four homes were built. My wife Bunnie and I purchased two lots that September with the hopes of building a home the following year.


Unfortunately Eddy died in December. The management absconded with the monies, and the development was in bankruptcy. In the early 80s the few home owners purchased the development from the bank with the understanding that they would collect the dues from the home and property owners and rebuild what was promised. In 1980 all home and property owners were required to pay back dues or have liens attached for nonpayment of dues. That year I was asked by the board to volunteer to serve as a board member in the interest of property owners, which I was at that time. It would require that I attend a meeting one Sunday morning each month, to volunteer my services to oversee the building of the roads and facilities promised. In the late 80s many properties were turned back to the association for nonpayment of dues and taxes. We had real estate professionals resell the properties, collect the back dues which turned back over $200,000 dollars to our association. The board then approved that the money be used to pave the roads. We then formed a voluntary committee which I was asked to chair. The necessary specifications for the construction of seven miles of roads were developed. Sealed bids were sent to several road paving building companies that would meet DOT requirements. This project was completed with many, many hours of dedicated work by a committee of seven, overseeing that the roads were completed properly.


Unfortunately a few years ago our clubhouse burned down to the ground due to an electrical storm. We rebuilt the clubhouse including new boat docks, including a picnic area. Thanks to all our volunteers and board members, we now have a beautiful community today. Hopefully this development will continue to grow in the future with further beautification.


We are proud of what we have in LWEPOA and look forward to more successful years with your help. If you are inclined, submit your name to our office manager -


So here I am twenty years later serving on the board, volunteering my time whenever possible, to help this community prosper. We need new board members and volunteers to help with the growth of our beautiful community.

NOTE: Mr. Kimmel passed in 2010. He is missed every day.

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