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LWE Waterfront Boat Dock Rules

This information is for members of Lake Wallenpaupack Estates Property Owner Association who plan to or are renting a dock slip and/or using the dock area to launch a boat.

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1. Request for first time rental of a boat dock must be made to the office in writing.

2. Under no circumstance is anyone allowed to put any gas or oil in a boat from the dock.  You will lose your slip even if you have a gas can on the docks.  If you choose not to fill your tank at the approved gas stations on the lake, your boat must be pulled from the lake and filled at either your property or a gas station.

3 A waiting list of members requesting a dock slip will be kept in the office on a first come basis.  If a dock slip becomes available and it is refused by the next member on the list, that member's name will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list.

4. One boat dock per property owner family, regardless of the number of properties owned.

5. Docks are non-transferable.  Docks cannot be transferred with the sale of a property or home.

6. To be eligible for a dock, the use of a boat ramp and/or water access area, membership dues must be paid in full by January 31 of the application year and the member must be in "good standing".  All monies due including dues, fines, and/or fees for property/properties must be paid in full to include the current year.

7. A property owner's boat must be placed in the space the Dock Committee assigned within thirty days of the docks being placed in the water.  Failure to do so may result in loss of the dock slip and the dock slip may be issued to the next person on the waiting list.

8. LWEPOA office and/or the Dock Committee must be notified if the assigned boat is removed.

9. According to Pennsylvania law, a boat must be registered in Pennsylvania if it is primarly used in Pennsylvania.  A copy of the current registration, proof of insurance, a "hold harmless" statement and a check made payable to the LWEPOA boat dock account must be submitted each year to the LWEPOA office for the dock slip rental.

10. Assignment and or reassignment of a boat slip is at the discretion of the dock committee based upon accommodating boat length, beam, draft and type of boat.

11. Slip rental applications will be mailed to a previous dock renter only if all membership dues are paid in full by January 31 of the application year and the member is in "good standing". The rental fee check along with a copy of the registration, proof of insurance and the "hold harmless" statement are due back in the LWEPOA office by April 30th of the registration year.  Incomplete applications and or boat slips not paid for by that date will be forfeited to the next person on the waiting list.

12. The securing of the boat must be approved by the dock committee.

13. LWEPOA is not responsible for the loss or damage to any boat or equipment.  Boat owners must carry boat insurance coverage on all motor boats and sail boats fourteen feet or larger.

14. Boats fourteen feet or under, with small engines, canoes and row boats will not be eligible for a regular dock slip, however inside docks can be issued if available and permitted by PPL.  The annual rental rate will be determined by the Board of Directors.

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